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Celebrate Life!

So – I’ve set this thing up – I guess I’d better get started!

You might be wondering why I’ve set up this new site, when I’m so behind on the blogging on my photography site. Not to mention the fact that I’ve just launched the Children’s Website and online Club for the Three Brother Bears and brought out the first book.

Truth is, I miss blogging since project50 came to a natural end.

Project50 was all about turning 50, coping with an empty nest etc. This is about what came next – and the future! Blogging got me back into writing professionally after a break of seven years. I loved connecting with my regular readers and I was definitely boosted by that feeling of community. But you can’t keep looking back, or agonising over where you are, can you? There comes a point where you just need to get on with it, to LIVE life rather than just write about it! Hence the new projects above.

I was also incredibly inspired by the ethos behind the musical project, 4barcollective.

The brain child of composer and musician, Dan Blackwell (who also happens to be my son), the core of the idea was based on collaboration, not competition, and community. It was a heart-based venture that, whilst currently lying dormant while Dan was travelling, took on a life of its own.

I like the idea of all of us little (creative) ships bobbing alongside each other in the harbour, all rising together with the tide.

There’s room for all of our ideas and ventures in the new economic model in the arts that has been developing over these past few years. So I’m going to be seeking out interviewees for the Inspiration Station and looking for interesting creative work to feature  as well as publishing my own short stories, musings and work in progress.

Get in touch if you’d like to be involved. Be an early adopter!

I’m not going to run myself ragged by promising a certain schedule of posts – this is meant to be fun for all of us, so let’s all relax and enjoy each others’ company.  See you soon!


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  1. Janet McClellan

    Hi Jo, I love keeping up with everything you’re upto, what a busy lady!

    1. Jo

      Thanks, Janet – it’s nice to know I’m not always just talking to myself! Thank you for subscribing!

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