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The Joy of Sharing

The joy of sharing

I was delighted to be asked to appear as a guest blogger for the fun and friendly blog for “adventurous families”, Truly, Madly Kids.

As an “empty-nester” it’s satisfying to be able to reach out to current parents of children and share some of what I’ve learned! The joy of sharing! (I can even kid myself that someone is listening)

Here’s an excerpt from the first post, from November:

One Day the Chicks will Fly Away…

There comes a time in every mother’s life when the inevitable happens and your chicks fly the nest. Inevitable, maybe, but unthinkable if you’re sitting reading this with a toddler wriggling on your lap!

I loved being a mum. I loved it so much I had four babies: a boy, girl, another girl, another boy. I can’t say I was terribly good at it – “Jo’s routine” is a bit of an oxymoron, to be honest – but they all got fed and cleaned, albeit a bit haphazardly. Most of all though, they were loved, nurtured and we had a tremendous amount of fun.

When number 1 boy went off to uni, I have to confess I was still so busy with his sisters and brother, I was quite cheery about the whole thing. I missed him, of course, but I gave myself a little self-congratulatory pat on the back that I was able to let him go and not cling like a limpet. After all, we all strive to raise happy, confident children who can eventually survive without us, right?

Below are my tips for preparing yourself – and them – for an independent life. Start early, and the trauma won’t be so great!

To read more, pop on over to Truly, Madly Kids. They’ve got some great articles on there from a variety of authors on all kinds of subjects.

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Me and mine – all grown and flown!

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  1. Penny Hardie (@PennyHardie13)

    We love your posts on TMK, and so do our readers. This one particularly touched so many people. Px

    1. Jo

      Thank you, Penny. I was overwhelmed by the number of comments on the latest post.

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