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The Future of Professional Photography


This is an interesting view on the future – actually, the present – of Commercial Photography. Artist Rep, Maren Levinson, explains how the currency is no longer necessarily photographic skill, but brand and vision.

Remembering the days when media had a “blank space to fill” and would reach out to a professional to provide an appropriate image, she points out that there are now many more accessible ways to fill that space. Those that need images now are drawn to photographers who pursue a style or type of project that resonates and will pay for their “look”, their “Brand”, rather than specific images.

When you think about it, this is quite a sea change for the profession. And quite an exciting one – pursue what you love to shoot, then reach out to brands who will love what you do. How much more satisfying to be able to monetise your own artistic vision, rather than shoot to the narrow briefs of the past.

Of course, competition remains fierce. But,

This view gives us licence to develop our personal projects, justifies the time we all spend on social media building brand awareness and validates us as creatives.

I find this rather encouraging. What I take from this interview is that making a commitment to following our passions is more business strategy than wishful thinking. Professional photography is not dying, but evolving. It’s up to us as individual artists and business people to evolve with the profession.

What do you think?

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