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So you’ve written a book. Maybe you’ve been picked up by a publisher, or you’ve leapt feet-first down the self-publishing route.

Either way, this is only the beginning. For it’s now up to you to make sure people hear about – and buy! – your magnum opus.

And this, friends, is where so many authors stumble and fall, myself included. Our skill set tends towards the creation of the work, we need a whole other set of competencies to market it. Authors, on the whole, tend to be introverts. Self promotion is not a term that fills us with joy. But neither does the prospect of our carefully crafted words languishing at the bottom end of Amazon’s lists, unread, un-enjoyed and unknown.

I have been incredibly lucky to stumble across a chap called Tim Grahl, initially via his book: Your First 1000 Copies.

Tim, the founder of Out:think Author and Book Marketing Services sends out a regular, free email to those who sign up to his list in which he puts into practice his own advice by being “relentlessly helpful”. Here’s a link to the missive that landed in my inbox this morning: Book Marketing: The Definitive Checklist

I’ve had a quick look and whole-heartedly recommend this resource to anyone who is stumbling through the maze that is modern book marketing. It includes advice on Social Media, dealing with Amazon and Outreach activities to name but a few subjects.

If you like what you read, take a look at Tim’s “start here” page  for more free resources and prepare to embark on a journey of discovery that will have you thinking in a whole different way about marketing your book.

For me, Tim embodies the new spirit of collaborative creativity that inspires me in my day to day work. Sure, he’s in business and, as such, is selling you his services. But he also gives out a helluva lot of free advice that valuable in its own right and I, for one, admire that tremendously. Particularly as he shares his own journey, what works and what doesn’t, in an open, ego-free manner that encourages a spirit of sharing amongst all those who participate in his “instant Bestseller” Marketing Course.

The ideas Tim offers are also applicable to other creative industries.

If you’re reading this, Tim – and I hope you are – thank you for opening my eyes to new ways of doing things, for sharing so generously of your time and knowledge, and for creating such a valuable learning experience.

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