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Proper Tea

Doc Brown

It’s Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK – that’s a three day weekend, which gives all time to kick back and relax. Buy a paper. Put the kettle on. Because a cup of tea is as essential to us as cawfee to a New Yorker. The sand to our beach. The fuel for our day.

Only you have to make it properly. Just-off-the-boil water on a tea bag (or, if you’re using loose leaf tea, warm the pot, then Just-off-the-boil water on the leaves) Let it brew – not stew! – then add milk. If you’re using a tea pot, milk goes in the cup first. These things matter!

They matter to an English rapper.  Here’s Doc Brown, Comedian, Rapper, Writer and general creative genius – take a look at his website while you’ve got your feet up. I love the spread of his talent, from rapping to stand up comedy to children’s books. I love people who see no limits, no barriers and who refuse to be labelled. Inspiring. (In case you need it – “bad” language alert)

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