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Oh Crap – I’m 50!

Book launch

Oh Crap – I’m 50! A Journey from Fearful to Fabulous (Sometimes) is now available to buy on Amazon.

Bringing together the best of my blog, project50, I have published this book to celebrate the launch of The Midlife Movement, my new Subscription site for women who have reached a milestone birthday and found themselves thinking – now what?

It’s been 7 years since I wrote about the sadness I felt at growing older. So much has happened since. The physical act of pouring out my heart into that blog reconnected me to a world from which I had been hiding, and, dramatic as it sounds, it changed my life forever.

If not for the blog, I would not have become a Portrait Photographer and a business owner. I possibly would never have done the personal work needed to learn to price my services properly, to put myself “out there” at networking events, to step onto a stage to talk to other businesswomen – to become “visible”.

Thanks to the connections I made through that blog and the courage it gave me, I have crafted the life I yearned to live during that bleak time. It taught me to take responsibility for my own unhappiness and to ask for what I wanted. It helped me to move from fearful to fabulous – sometimes!

In my work as a Photographer, I specialise in making beautiful portraits of women 40 plus. Through my lens I see the character, wisdom and beauty that is not always recognised by our youth obsessed society, and I delight in showing that to the women themselves.

“I feel invisible” is a lament I hear all too often. There are times in our lives when we lose our confidence and have to dig deep to rediscover ourselves. It has been nostalgic, yet sobering for me to re-read my words. Though the tone is light and as humorous as I could make it, I remember the misery that gripped me at that time and I want to travel back and grab myself by the hand to help me through it.

That’s what The Midlife Movement is all about. Now that I am (finally!) comfortable in who I am, I want to turn around and hold out a hand to my sisters who are just a few steps behind. I want to show them that they can choose to be excited, rather than frightened by growing older. That there are far more opportunities to be had than restrictions – that it is in our hands to make the rest of our lives the best of our lives.

You can find out more about The Midlife Movement on the website. Women 40 – 95 are welcome to subscribe. Why not join the free Facebook group and join the conversation? The Midlife Movement is on the march!

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