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Enchanted Portraits

It’s summer, which means I’m spending a LOT of time away from the computer and in the woods and gardens of this beautiful part of the world, chasing after small people.

This “behind the scenes” video was shot last August in Kathy Brown’s Garden in Stevington, Bedfordshire.

We’re returning on Friday and I have to say, it’s one of my favourite Wings and Whimsy venues! We’ve had a fair few enquiries for boys, this year. 4 year old Tai has a message for you:

Tai’s private shoot took place at a brand new (to us) venue, New Lodge Vineyard in Earl’s Barton. I’m looking forward to more Knights, Peter Pans and Robin Hoods coming forward to get the Wings and Whimsy treatment! Fantasy Portraits

Not to mention women – if I had a pound for every time an inner child is released on seeing our Enchanted Portraits, I could buy my round at the bar. With this in mind, I have a very special coastal fantasy shoot on the drawing board, for which I am currently sourcing costumes, like this:


If you’d like to keep up with my photographic adventures, you can follow Wings and Whimsy and Jo Blackwell Studio on Facebook. Who knows? Maybe one day it’ll be you being reflected in my lens?

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