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My name is Jo Blackwell, and I am one of life’s jugglers. We all are, of course, to some extent. Especially parents of young children. But I am not one of those any more. Now, I am a juggler of ideas, concepts, dreams and projects. And I am an expert dropper of balls.


Juggling is sometimes called the art of controlling patterns, controlling patterns in time and space. Mathematician, Ronald Graham 

If juggling is “the art of controlling patterns” then my life resembles one of those adult colouring books that are currently so de rigour. Take this blog. There are so many half baked posts, lists of people who have agreed to be interviewed, images in a folder, internet bookmarks to be researched etc, but it keeps being pushed down to the bottom of my “to do” list.
Why? Yes, it’s important that clients’ images are processed, that I continuously market my Portrait Photography business (did you see what I did there, with the addition of the link? 😉 ) and that Wings and Whimsy grows from strength to strength (whoops, I did it again...) I have a Three Brother Bears‘ book to write, never mind publicise (last time I’ll do that in this post – promise!) and that website needs a complete overhaul. But this is my fun space, the place where I’m supposed to be bringing everything together, where I gather with my tribe.
So today I decided to sit down and just write. After which I intend to brainstorm my marketing on my big
whiteboard, currently being cleared for the purpose. I love that whiteboard. I’ve tried digital alternatives, like Evernote (the basic version is free), but there’s something about seeing “the whole picture” – the contents of my whirling brain stilled and all in one place – that is strangely reassuring. Even more than my notebooks, filled with lists and notes and day to day jottings, my whiteboard helps me to see the connections between my projects and to strategise. Even the act of physically writing on it is satisfying, somehow. So much more so than typing.
On my wish list is the ability to draw and write on a digital equivalent of my whiteboard.
At the moment I photograph it and upload to Evernote before rubbing it out and starting again. I bet there’s already an app for that somewhere.
What do you use to keep track of your ideas and business tasks? Do you use different methods for tasks and ideas? I would love to know.


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