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I have been quieter on here than usual leading up the launch of my latest business, Wings and Whimsy Enchanted Portraits. A collaborative project between yours truly, stylist, Lisa Pocklington and blogger, Sally Selwood, it has seen me chasing fairies through secret pathways, dodging torrential rain, shopping for fabulous fabrics and shooting a unicorn. Yes, really!

“Finally, you’ve retreated fully into La-la Land, haven’t you?” my eldest son commented this week.

Well, yes, I suppose I have. And I like it here! I’ve been touched by the joy on a 6 year old’s face when she saw her costume and entranced as she’s skipped and danced with her fairy wand, immersed in the moment that we have created for her.

And I just love what the three of us Fairy Godmothers have created. It combines everything I love – the outdoors, nature, beautiful imagery, literature, children and collaborating with talented, creative people. I honestly think it is pushing me to produce some of my best work, photographically, to date.

A child’s imagination is a precious, sacred thing, and I love being allowed into that secret world.

I am so, so lucky to be able to work at what I love.

They grow up so fast, I am privileged to be able to freeze a moment in time. If you live near Northamptonshire and have a little girl (who is really a princess!) aged 4-10,  take a look at our website and let me know what you think.  Welcome to la-la land!

Wings and Whimsy Enchanted Portraits

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