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It doesn’t matter what we do in life, there’s little satisfaction to be had unless we know why we’re doing it. If we’re in business, it’s easy to define what we do, and even how we do it, but the why we do it is the key to success.

Writers are good with “whys”. We write because we have to or the stories bank up in our synapses and send us crazy(er). When it comes to getting our work out there, though, most of us struggle with the how.

As a photographer, I get bogged down with the technical and administrative side of the business at times. While I’m shooting, I have to concentrate on the how and the what. Recently, I revisited Simon Sinek‘s 2009 TEDx talk and had an epiphany.

My “why” is very strong in my business and I realise that I need to find ways to communicate it to potential clients. As is often the way when you start thinking about it, where attention goes, energy flows and suddenly the question of why I do what I do was cropping up on a daily basis. Then, last week, a client walked through my door who embodied that “why”. Not only did her session remind me of the power and value of what I do, she’s just happily left her sales meeting with her husband having ordered virtually everything I have to offer.

If that isn’t a validation of the years of training, learning and practising my craft, I don’t know what is! Confidence, or lack thereof, has held me back in the past, but my journey with this lovely lady has reminded me that what I do has value beyond the price. Now to plan how to get my message out there so that I can keep working on my “why”!

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