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Amazon #1Bestseller!

Three Brother Bears

I was delighted – and surprised – to discover at the weekend that my first Children’s book, The Three Brother Bears and the Deep, Dark Woods, had been designated a #1 Bestseller by publishing giant, Amazon. Every author’s dream, for sure, and gift for my marketing.

Three Brother BearsWelcome to the wonderful world of online book promotion and a whole new (to me) conception of smoke and mirrors!

The digital age is a godsend for self publishers like me as it enables us to get our work straight out to readers quickly and professionally, bypassing the traditional gatekeepers. However, that speed applies to every aspect of the process – it’s down to #20 today.

Perhaps I should have phoned all the local radio stations, shouted it from the roof tops at the weekend. I did murmur politely on Facebook and had my ego stroked a little by friends. Hey – it’s taken two, often lonely, years to get the project to this point, I’m entitled to a little “whoop!”, right? But it seems a little dishonest. There are 3 reasons why my book reached the coveted number 1 slot:

  1. For a start, I listed the book in two fairly narrow categories – Children’s Nature Books and Children’s Imagination and Play (where it reached #4 over the weekend). Had I listed it in Children’s Fiction, General, it would probably languish at #gazillion and sixty-two forever!
  2. I also had a 3 day free download promotion, which will have artificially bumped up the figures (being a “bestseller” doesn’t translate into £££s, you know, so don’t expect the next round to be on me!)
  3. It’s an awesome book that YOUR child/grandchild will love! Go buy it now!

Ok, two main reasons… 😉

That said, it was really nice to see that little accolade from Amazon, and I’m so glad I screen-grabbed it! I’ll look at it every time my resolve wavers or I am beset by self doubt (daily, then). For, rationale aside, no one can ever take that away from me: I AM a Bestselling Author!

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