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About this Blog

This blog is designed to share my own work and work in progress, and also promote and highlight other creatives whose work inspires me.

A creative life can be a lonely journey. Social media has provided a way to connect and collaborate with each other and share with friends and “fans”. I hope that we can get a conversation going here, in a safe, welcoming space.

About me

As a Portrait Photographer, based here in the beautiful Heart of England, I am ideally placed to work with clients all over the UK and, indeed, beyond. My mission is to work with you to celebrate your life, work and passions.

Portrait Site

As “Grandma Bear” I have just published the first of a series of children’s illustrated books: The Three Brother Bears and the Deep, Dark Woods. I also run the Treehouse Club – a FREE online club for children, with exclusive activities and stories. I created these little characters and their happy little world because I believe strongly that children need to play outside and that the series’ values of Kindness, Resourcefulness, Loyalty, Self Respect, Playfulness, Creativity, Friendship and Environmental Awareness can be taught through example, recreating the childhood of our imagination.

As a writer, I aim to bring everything together in this new blog, and continue the work of the now defunct “project50”. The aim here is to connect with other creatives, readers and friends to share inspiration and ideas and showcase each others’ work. Lots of little ships, aiming to bring up the water level in the harbour!

There are a lot of “I”s in this “About me”. But really, I want it to be about “us”. Join me.