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Those of you who have followed my previous blogs will know that my son, Music Producer and Musician, Dan Blackwell, runs a not-for-profit project called 4bar Collective

Launched here in the UK in 2013, Dan writes the bare bones of a track, then collaborates with a number of different musicians at different times and locations, to record 4bars of original music. The result is a collection of eclectic, musically diverse tracks that feature musicians of all kinds, ages and stages. So you can find a 14 year old flautist who plays in her school orchestra appearing alongside a number one charting singer songwriter, a jazz band alongside a Scottish Piper, an Italian bassist playing “with” an English drummer etc.

4bar Collective is an example of the kind of collaborative, community-driven creative project that I love. It has no barriers – gender, ethnicity, age, geography – all that matters is that you love what you do and have something to contribute. I have loved being a small part of it in the past and I had the great pleasure of helping Dan launch his new website recently:

Join almost 50,000 followers and Like the Facebook page to follow the project as Dan travels around the globe. Message the page if you are a musician, photographer, dancer, videographer, artist, driver or have a spare couch, to become part of the 4bar Collective. And share the music – the more people who hear about it the more awesome collaborations can take place.



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